I often find that sales managers do not have a sales strategy or strategy to develop their sales people or to manage them. A successful sales team requires a clear target and a clear plan to achieve that target. Every sales person requires an individual action plan to direct day-to-day activities and provide focus.

All sales plans have at least 3 requirements:

·  Involve the team: Where most sales strategies fail is in that they are developed by the sales manager and handed down from the top. To ensure a high level of buy in, involve the sales and support people in the design of your sales strategy and action plans.

·  Measurement: Even the best sales strategies often fail on this aspect. A successful sales strategy implementation focuses on activities that will deliver the desired sales results, but if you do not measure the activities that will deliver those results, you won’t get them. Measuring the wrong things will not help. Do not make the common mistake of simply tracking quantity: the number of calls (CRM is very good at this). Measure Quality: the quality of the sales person’s data base, the quality of his knowledge about his customers, and the quality of the calls he makes. Focus on those few measures that matter the most to your business.

·   Proactive meetings: Have regular meetings (twice per month) to plan activities for the next 2 weeks. Re-motivate your team and remind them of the target and goals of the team.

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