Tracer Sales Training Courses

A New Standard in Sales

Organisations are experiencing increased pressure to produce more revenue and stronger results amidst a tough economy. This pressure increases with fewer resources. Sales people and sales managers need innovative sales and marketing tools, methods and behaviours that will help increase their return on investment and create a more focused approach to sales.

The Tracer CQM System is designed to equip sales teams in focusing on key areas of profitability, along with the necessary skills to implement effective sales strategies. Each module is action and outcome based and drives measurable results. This practical system is built around four core themes: Strategic Selling Skills, Sales Management Skills, Personal Interaction Skills, Key Account Management Skills.

The strength of these generic sales training modules lies in their ability to be customised for different industries, strategies and sales focuses. This results in sales strategy and skills being implemented and trained within the context of culture. These modules are specifically effective in:

Large sales force alignment

The Multi-level or Cascaded approach that The Tracer CQM System offers, improves customer retention, development and acquisition.

The Tracer CQM System also allows for the alignment between silos within a large organisation, creating a focused, same-language sales teams and Management. The skills and methodologies are universal, and can therefore be easily adjusted to include most business units.

Niche focused sales teams

For the specialists, The Tracer CQM System focuses on “turning sales people into business people”, something that businesses worldwide are becoming very sensitive toward. Often, niche focused selling involves multi level selling; complex relationships and senior level marketing are common within Niche focused sales tems. Many of the modules within The Tracer CQM System assist sales people in understanding and selling within a complex environment. The system focuses on both the individual and the team/organisation and therefore can also be extended beyond the sales teams to other departments that impact on customer service and success. The idea is that all principles are cascaded to all levels of the organisation. The pre and post assessments (Strategic Skills Audit) are designed to encourage. This sales training process builds essential coaching channels in the workplace, and creates an environment that fosters the continued growth and development of the sales person as well as the sustainability of skills.

Sales Management:

* Strategic Sales Skills
* 3 steps to a motivated and performing team
* Principles of Coaching
* Lifting performance levels
* How to get the most out of your Meetings
* How to find Top Sales people and keep them

Strategic Skills:

* How to strategically target the right customers
* Implementing strategies to develop your business
* How to increase your contacts with a customer and add value every time
* Understanding the different business influences in companies
* Territory Management

Dynamic Relationship building Skills:

* Personality Styles
* Pre-call Planning
* How to handle objections
* Asking for the Business
* Up sell and Cross sell Strategies
* How to get an appointment with the right person
* Handling price objections

Key Account Management:

* Principles of Key Account Management
* Implementation Tools of Key Account Management
* Understanding Economic and Business Cycles

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