Tracer CQM has a strong skills set on sales strategy consulting and Implementation.
A strategy for sales success builds on three pillars: business objectives, market opportunity, and business resources.

  • Your business objectives can be any combination of revenue, profitability and return on assets, or indeed other objectives such as brand building.
  • The market opportunity is to understand which markets and customers will deliver on your objectives: seeking new business, developing existing customers, and retaining customers.
  • Business resources are the people and structures in place to handle sales, marketing, R&D, delivery (or logistics) and all the other business functions.

The three pillars need to be aligned and built to support a common goal: your strategic customer focus. The key to a sound design is that all three pillars have to be aligned to a common purpose, and support each other.

The following aspects, together with terminology, current realities and best practices, are incorporated in the development of a world best practice sales strategy for your company:

  • Understand strategic intentions
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Categorise clients into opportunity segments
  • Develop focus factors for growth
  • Identify contact frequency guidelines
  • Customise relationship-building tools
  • Create buy-in from key people
  • Identify key performance indicators for sales people and sales managers

We enable our clients to understand their own business better by providing our specialised skills from strategy to implementation.