The management section focus on lifting the strategic selling and management skills. It also focuses on the practical “how to’s” of Best practice Sales Management.

Motivated and Performing Teams: Understanding and applying the 3 principles of team building has a profound impact on the effectiveness of sales teams. Practical ideas are shared to implement these principles.

Coaching for Sales Management: The 1st priority of a Sales Manager is to be a people developer and more specifically a coach. Understand the reasons for coaching as well as the structure for coaching.

Lifting performance levels: The art of getting buy-in from your team to reach new sales targets are explored. The psychology of target setting, incentive schemes and sales graphs are discussed.

Sales Meetings: Get the most out of your sales meetings by distinguishing between pro-active and re-active meetings. Make meetings exiting, motivating and focused for results.

Finding top Sales People: Learn where to focus your energy to get the most out of your sales people. Discover what top sales people want according to the latest studies that have been done.

Delegation Skills: Sometimes Sales Managers are used as a crutch by sales people to do their dirty work. Learn how to delegate and emancipate your sales people to be professional business people.

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