Sales Management and Executive Coaching

As corporations compete  to recruit and retain talent from an ever shrinking pool, they seek to integrate an increasingly diverse workforce. Companies strive to grow global leaders faster than ever before. Sales Management coaching play a vital and valuable role in helping accelerate the achievement of these goals.

Tracer CQM Focus on 2 distinct levels of coaching:

  • Sales management coaching (Focused on the development of the sales manager as a sales strategist and a leader)
  • Executive level coaching (Focused on goal attainment and the development of executive level leadership)

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improves leadership effectiveness, which directly links to organizational improvements;
  • Improves performance;
  • Accelerates the ability of leaders to take on greater responsibility;
  • Enhances interpersonal skills;
  • Provides support and a sounding board from a coach who has no agenda;
  • Increases self awareness;
  • Reduces staff turnover.


Self Directed Learning

We all learn better when we find our own answers. The coaching process  helps people answer their own questions. The coach is there to forward the individual’s learning journey through a structured questioning approach, rather than by directing or advising.

Solutions Focused

Coaching is not about searching for the cause of the problem. It’s about searching for the best solution possible. It’s about setting your sights on where you want to be and systematically working towards this end, focused the whole time on solutions.

Positive Feedback

Coaching is about providing positive reinforcement, not pointing out what people do wrong. It provides a rich source of encouragement and support during the process that propels people’s confidence and performance.


People work at their best when they are challenged and stretched. The executive coaching
model we follow delivers an appropriate degree of stretch to each person.


A structured approach is applied to produce change. The coaching is therefore delivered in a structured framework. Clear, specific goals and measurable outcomes are key to achieving desired outcomes.