You work hard. You have a great service to offer. Now, all you have to do is convince your customers. Your best opportunity to persuade comes from understanding what’s going on inside peoples’ heads…. It’s called neuroscience.

The neuroscience of persuading someone to buy your services isn’t that hard. But the science is quite surprising. Take a look at things from your customer’s point of view. Most likely, they are stressed. They have people and ideas fighting for their attention all the time. Their minds are overloaded.

It really doesn’t matter how wonderful your ideas are, or how superior your way of doing things. You will have to fight for ‘brain space’ with everyone else in your customer’s life.

Your customer is solving complex problems. They naturally think they need complex solutions, but that is not true. Their brains need simple solutions to their complex problems. They need solutions they can easily understand, evaluate and explain to others.

Simple is one part of the picture. Your customer is also sophisticated. The simplicity they are looking for must be elegant. It must have an intelligent way of meeting their needs. Sophisticated does not always mean complicated. Find the balance.

Remember, you are fighting for attention, and your customer’s brain is vigilant, always sure to defend itself. Your first step is to take down their defences. Allow the customer to be calm. Then, they can get past any cautionary state that prevents them from taking action. Knowing how the brain works will give you a behavioral path that leads to rapport and agreement in the selling process.

In my next post, I will tell you what really goes on when you leave that sales call.

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