You work hard. You have a great service to offer. Now, all you have to do is convince your customers.

In my previous post (link here) I told you what goes on inside your customer’s head as you try to sell.

Your customers are busy. They are stressed. What you tell them must be elegant. It must be intelligent. Your proposition must be simple enough that they can understand it without getting mentally exhausted.

Here’s how it works, both what you do and the way your customer necessarily sees it:

1. Be consistent. The prefrontal cortex likes reliable data. Be on time. Keep to the same message and philosophy. Don’t change your process.

2. Build rapport. Oxytocin pumps up when the client feels they are on the same page as you. No sale can happen without trust.

3. Exchange ideas. There needs to be reciprocity. When you listen, they feel good. Then, they feel like listening to you.

4. Show authority. Be the expert, yet humble and eager to serve. Knowing you are ready to be their ally can produce excitement, which comes from adrenaline.

5. Agree. Build consensus. Build a pattern that allows them to say ‘yes’ to you, before you ask for the sale.

6. Talk about scarcity. Don’t be needy. Be friendly. Get their oxytocin again

Many boutique service providers, coaches and consultants alike, believe that selling their services is as simple as:

• showing up on time,
• presenting themselves as professional,
• referencing their high quality credentials, and then
• sitting back, waiting for the new client to sign up.

In my next post, I will tell you what really goes on when you leave that sales call.

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