This section focuses on the “how to’s” on how to improve your Relationship building skills and partnering with your identified client base for long-term results. Bottom line results are achieved through planning and implementing solid business interaction skills and strategies. (Also called Soft Skills or Dynamic Relationship skills)

The modules covered in Dynamic relationship building skills are:

Personality Styles: Identify the four social styles, and how to sell and interact with these different styles. Used both within your organisation and with the client.

Pre-call Planning: The reason while we fail to deal with the right Business influencers in the organisation often comes down to a lack of personal planning and getting maximum return on our meetings. Learn the dynamics of planning that lead to revenue generation.

Handling Objections: Often, knowing what the objection is upfront can alleviate potential disaster. Learn the steps of handling objections.

Asking for the business: There are multiple ways of closing the sale. Learn the art of closing through the identifying of buying signals and matching the appropriate close. The philosophy followed is that closing is a process.

Up sell and Cross sell Strategies: Discover how to identify and use “Add-on Selling”, “Cross Selling” and “Up Selling” to exceed the Budget.

How to get an appointment with the right person: The ability to network offers you the opportunity to enter a business relationship at a higher relationship level. It also allows you to leverage your assets and enter into what would normally be closed doors to business.

Handling price objections: The ability of a sales person to know that we live in a quality driven market and not a price driven market is a skill. Learn how to sell on value and not price alone.

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