Tracer is a leading organisation in terms of boosting sales effectiveness and sales tools.

Organisations are experiencing increased pressure to produce more revenue and stronger results amidst a tough economy. This pressure increases with fewer resources. Sales people and sales managers need innovative sales and marketing tools, methods and behaviours that will help increase their return on investment and create a more focused approach to sales.

The strength of these sales modules lies in their ability to be customised for different industries, strategies and sales focuses. This results in sales strategy and skills being implemented and trained within the context of culture. These modules are specifically effective in:

Large sales force alignment

The Multi-level or Cascaded approach that The Tracer CQM System offers, improves customer retention, development and acquisition.
The Tracer CQM System also allows for the alignment between silos within a large organisation, creating a focused, same-language sales teams and Management. The skills and methodologies are universal, and can therefore be easily adjusted to include most business units.

Niche focused sales teams

For the specialists, The Tracer CQM System focuses on “turning sales people into business people”, something that businesses worldwide are becoming very sensitive toward. Often, niche focused selling involves multi level selling; complex relationships and senior level marketing are common within Niche focused sales teams. Many of the modules within The Tracer CQM System assist sales people in understanding and selling within a complex environment.

Tracer Mobile Workforce

A distributed workforce is a reality for businesses these days and the principles that apply to keeping sales staff productive and informed are a reality for every other member of your staff and workflow network. A customized Sales Management software tool will go along way in boosting sales! We have changed our name to more fully represent the value we add to companies today and into the future. Visit our Tracer Workflow website: