Limitation of resources like time, money and availability of organization resources are some of the difficulties you may face as a sales person. Precious time can be wasted either on the wrong clients or on the incorrect people among the potential clients.

There are a few factors affecting sales that you will have no control over. But one thing that you can exercise complete control is over the time that you have at hand and how to make the wisest use of it. Speedy qualification of the prospect and identification of the judgement makers holds the key to sales success.

Draw up a list of focus factors and criteria based on which you will decide on the eligibility of the prospects and potential clients. You must always focus on selling your product to those who can qualify as potential clients instead of wasting time on those who will not be interested at all. Special attention must be given to customers who approach you through phone or walk-in. Find out if they would qualify as potential customers and turn your focus and attention on the prospective ones.

A sales man’s attitude must be such that time is spent only on customers with the right potential and not on the wrong set of people.

This may sound simple but in reality, many sales personnel waste their time on the wrong factors thereby blocking the incoming revenue.

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