My PA asked me today – “What’s your one wish for 2013?” She wanted to update our Facebook page and needed a message for our clients.

I immediately knew – I wish for sales people and managers to push themselves to be a true sales professional this year – be proud to be in sales, help make your company successful and the world a better place.

I hate it when I see sales people are ashamed to admit that they are in sales. This old stigma is surviving that label sales people as crooks that are only in it for themselves and will make every effort to squeeze every dime out of you.

This probably only apply to less than 5% of sales people out there. 95% or more of sales people are professionals that love what they do and only want a win-win situation with any client.

I have personally trained thousands of sales people – I think I know sales people by now – and it is rare to find a sales person that has the attitude to screw a client for his own gain.
Sales people have helped so many clients to find solutions for their problems, find new ways to manage their business and to save money in the process.

Unfortunately, the media and hearsay stories only lift out the mistakes and situations where things went wrong – sometimes it was not even the sales person’s fault. The sad thing is that the value of sales people are not headline news and does not add the juiciness to a story if you want to impress your friends at the braai.

There are people that know the value of sales people – me, your sales manager and your mother. There is hope!

Go out there – take your profession and your value to the next level this year.

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