The question I am pondering this week is:  Why did I lose this sale? If a sales person did not win the sale – have they lost it?

When a sales person does not close a deal, did he neglect to do something, do it badly, did not plan enough, do not know what the customer wants or could it be something else?

Let us look at some of the reasons:

The classics:
– The competitor’s price is lower than ours
– They are happy with their current supplier
– Our price is to high

The excuses:
– They do not want to make a change now
– The boards decided against it
– You are just too late

The shove offs:
– They loved our presentation – they will come back to us
– Call us in 6 months

The most probable reasons:
– The MD and the owner of the supply company are related
– You do not have what I want
– I do not trust you

After all the reasons – the bottom line is that they did not win the sale. Do not just accept these reasons and move on. Categorise and evaluate the reasons – then put strategies in place to get the deal next time.

Let us look at some options:
The classics: The sales person did not really “Get through” to the client. Either they did not spend enough time to get to know the client and their needs or did not invest enough time in building a relationship.

The Excuses: The sales person did not find the real “Veto power” decision maker, thus there were no real connection with the client where it counts.

The Shove off: This could either mean that they are nice guys and do not tell you to your face that they are not interested or you need to work harder at building the trust and relationship.

The most probable reasons: A strong relationship is always difficult to get around. Sometimes your product is not what they need – accept it. If they do not trust you – work harder at building the relationships.

Now – Analyse the categories/reasons and evaluate them. Would you agree that it is easier to see where the problem might be?

Focus for the year: You and your customer want the same thing – to satisfy their needs 100%. Focus on their needs and you will have a good chance to close the deal.


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